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The best attractions in Toba

Find exciting activities while enjoying your trip to various areas in the Lake Toba area by trying various exciting activities and amazing performances that are not to be missed. From exploring the enchanting lakeshore to trying out adrenaline-inducing extreme sports, find it all here!

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The beauty of Toba must be explored!

A Natural Wonder Born from a Volcanic Eruption

A truly awe-inspiring natural wonder was formed from the devastating eruption of a volcano, Mount Toba, which occurred around 74,000 years ago. With an area of over 1,145 square kilometers and a depth of 450 meters, Lake Toba is more like an ocean than a lake. In the middle of this, the world’s largest volcanic lake, there is also a fairly large island, namely Samosir Island.

Known as a piece of heaven, this place has a variety of natural, cultural, and culinary attractions that are tempting. The friendly nature of the local people makes tourists feel comfortable and at home, and it is even more beautiful when authentic traditional customs are introduced. In addition, the wealth of rare and charming flora and fauna is no less exciting to add to the list of the best experiences that can be felt when exploring Indonesia. All of this beauty can only be found in #LakeToba.

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There are many activities or events in the Lake Toba area, Check the schedule here!

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