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Thematic: Geomorphology Tele, non-welded YTT Simanuk, Hydrothermaly altered YTT Tele – Simpang Harian, welded YTT Tele- Simpang Harian, welded OTT…

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Thematic: Geodiversity Sibandang-Pardepur post-calderic volcanic formations Sibandang, volcanic con Geological Aspects This area is part of the traces of the…

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Thematic: Geo – Bio Diversity Water fall, Paleozoic basement Caldera wall Garden of Eden, Botanical Garden Geological Aspects The outcrop…

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Thematic: Geodiversity Situmurun, Uluan Block Situmurun Waterfall Geological Aspects The Situmurun Geosite is a pumice pyroclastic fall deposit product of…

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Tongging, Paleozoic basement and caldera wall Sipisopiso volcanic cone and Landform Panoramic view Geological Aspects Sipisopiso Waterfall, is a trace…

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Translation of “Geosite Silahisabungan” Geological Aspects Theme: Geo-Cultural Diversity Kodon-kodons, Tilt block caldera wall: Kodon-kodons are pyroclastic flow deposits that…


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