8 Must-Visit Places in Lake Toba

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Looking for the sublime? Make a journey to Lake Toba and enjoy a wealth of natural beauty. Take a flight from Medan, Jakarta or Bali, fly into Silangit International Airport, and take a taxi to Lake Toba. With a myriad of attractions on offer, you’ll never run out of trip ideas or things to do in Lake Toba, Sumatra. Here are 8 top picks for you to add to your idyllic Lake Toba itinerary:

1. Jangga Dolok Village

Home to the Batak tribe, the Jangga Dolok village is situated near an alluring hillside and lush rice fields. Admire the architecture of the traditional houses, watch the villagers weave beautiful ulos, enjoy Batak cuisine, and explore the remnants and monuments of ancient Batak kings.

2. Tongging Village

Visit the Tongging Village to witness the most magical vistas of nature. Tucked away on a hill, this laidback village offers a beautiful setting to recharge you with the magnificent view of the picturesque hills reflecting in the lovely Lake Toba. Meet the friendly villagers working in the rice fields or fish farms and try the signature dish arsik.
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3. Tomok Village

Stopover at the Tomok Village for a unique cultural experience. Located at the edge of the jetty to Parapat, this small village features beautiful Batak houses and many historical sites. The tomb of King Sidabutar, the stone statues, the sigale-gale dance performance, and the nearby Batak Museum are some of the highlights. You will find plenty of stalls in the area selling typical Batak souvenirs.
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4. Tarabunga Hill

Enjoy the cool atmosphere of Tarabunga Hill that’s located just outside Balige. Providing romantic panoramic views of Lake Toba, this hill offers spectacular sunrise and sunset views and attracts lots of photographers.

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5. Holbung Hill

Trek to the top of Holbung Hill to take a bird’s-eye view of Lake Toba and be wowed by the astonishing scenery. Also known as Teletubbies Hill, this hill is a great camping site. Spend the night gazing at the starry sky and wake up early to catch the breathtaking sunrise.

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6. Pusuk Buhit

The unparalleled views from the summit of Pusuk Buhit are worth the long trek up to the top. Pusuk Buhit is a sacred hill for the Batak people who believe it to be the birthplace of the Batak King. Enjoy the solemn atmosphere as you go up the winding trails and capture some amazing photos of the mind-blowing scenery.

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7. Huta Ginjang

Discover the charm of Lake Toba from another angle. Situated at an altitude of 1,555 meters above sea level, the Instagenic viewing post of Huta Ginjang offers scenic views of Lake Toba encompassed by pine-covered hills. Huta Ginjang is famous for paragliding as well.
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8. Tele Observation Tower

Boasting mesmerizing views of the sunrise, the sunset, and the Lake Toba, the Menara Pandang Tele, the Tele Observation Tower, is a must-visit destination. The visibility level on each floor of this three-tiered tower is different which makes it a photography hotspot.

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Glamping fans should visit the Caldera Nomadic Escape, an amazing venue that overlooks a valley with the gorgeous Lake Toba in the background. You can stay in a cozy bubble tent, a bell tent, a cabin, or an ecopod to enjoy the enchanting view.

You should not miss out on these incredibly scenic spots if you want to soak in the wondrous beauty of Lake Toba. So come over and be ready to be dazzled! (HR)

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