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Naniura is one of the typical dishes of the Batak people which is famous for its unique and delicious taste. Naniura is made from uncooked carp, similar to sashimi in Japan. However, Naniura is served with typical Batak spices.

The seasoning used consists of several spices such as red chilies, shallots, garlic, make-up, and a typical Batak seasoning, namely andaliman. Various spices are mixed to make Naniura, which makes this dish have a rich taste, ranging from sour, spicy and savory.

Naniura can be cooked and served at any time. However, some Batak people often serve Naniura at certain events, such as bona taon events or so-called New Year’s parties.


Ingredients and how to cook Naniura

The following are the ingredients needed to make Naniura:

1 kg of goldfish
1 1/2 tsp salt
9 gr juungga orange juice

For the chili you will need:

100 gr kecombrang, boiled until soft
1 tablespoon andaliman, puree
1/2 tsp salt

For the chili seasoning, roast until cooked:

150 gr shallots
50 gr hazelnut
50 gr of fried peanuts
10 red bird’s eye chilies
8 red chilies
3 cm ginger
3 cm turmeric

The following is how to cook Naniura:

Wash the carp clean. Remove the scales, split the back. Remove the fish bones from the meat, peel off the skin.
Marinate the fish with salt and six tablespoons of orange juice. Cover with sticky plastic tightly. Store in the fridge until the flavors meld.
Sambal: grind the roasted spices with kecombrang and andaliman. Add salt and the remaining orange juice, stir well.
Arrange fish on a serving plate. Water the chili until blended. Serve cold.

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