Manuk Napinadar atau Ayam Napinadar

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Manuk Napinadar or Chicken Napinadar is a typical Batak dish which is usually served at certain traditional parties. This food is usually served when someone is experiencing joy, such as the birth of a child, marriage, and when someone is leaving to wander. For the Batak people, napinadar chicken has a philosophy, namely as a means to offer prayers and can provide encouragement and blessings.

In the cooking process, Chicken Napinadar is roasted first, after which it is then doused with the blood of the chicken itself, and mixed with andaliman, garlic powder which has been ground until smooth and then cooked. The mixture of spices with chicken blood makes this chicken broth thicker and more savory. The type of chicken used for this dish is free range chicken, this symbolizes success and valor.

This dish can also be consumed by followers of the Muslim religion, the chicken seasoning does not use chicken blood but is replaced with grated coconut. We hope this information will help you find out more about Manuk Napinadar. Enjoy!


Manuk Napinadar or Chicken Napinadar is a typical Batak dish which is usually served at certain traditional parties. The following is how to cook Manuk Napinadar which I found from a trusted source:


1 kg of free-range chicken
Blood from 1 chicken, mixed with:
1 tsp salt
1 lime
Toasted ground spices:
2 pieces of lemongrass, cut into small 5cm
Galangal cut into small 7cm
Ginger cut into small 5cm
5 cloves of garlic
10 shallots
10 hazelnut seeds
Unroasted ground spices:
15 bird’s eye chilies or to taste
Andaliman according to taste
Salt to taste

How to make:

Cut the free-range chicken and separate the fresh blood. Mix chicken blood with salt and lime juice to prevent blood from clotting.
Clean the chicken until clean from feathers then cut into small pieces. Bake the chicken in non-stick Teflon until perfectly cooked.
Toast all the roasted spices, then grind or blend everything in one container plus the ground spices that are not roasted.
Sauté all the spices and mix with the still melting chicken blood. Stir well then add the grilled chicken pieces until they are submerged in the spices.

Manuk Napinadar is ready to be served. We hope this recipe will help you make delicious Manuk Napinadar at home!



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